Cookie and Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies allow us to offer an improve your experience when visiting our site.  This document offers more information on what cookies we use in this site and how we use them.

What are “cookies”?

“Cookies” are snippets of data that are transferred from our website to your device whilst browsing our site.  When you revisit our site this data is resent to our website that allow us to offer a better experience to you.

The cookies we use are only aimed at improving your browsing experience.  At no time do we collect personal data such as email addressed or other such information that may personally identify you.   The data is collected in an aggregate basis and is collected to offer a better experience to you and other users of the site.

Data collected may also include date and time of your visit, time spent on our site, pages viewed, sites visited before and after your visit.

What “cookies” are used on our site?

Own Cookieswp-settings-time-1Used by WordPress, allows the page to be visualised, showing content and interacting with it without obtaining any information from the user. Get more information
Own Cookieswp-settings-1Used by WordPress, allows the page to be visualised, showing content and interacting with it without obtaining any information from the user. Get more information
Session Cookies_drip_client_6994213Remembers previous actions when browsing a page again during the same session.

Third party cookies

To offer you a better browsing experience we might use third party services.These might include such features as YouTube videos, or plugins that improve the functionality of our site.  These third party services might use cookies to function. Such cookies may include collection of usage statistics. These cookies include Google Analytics cookies and Facebook Pixel.

When landing on our website through referral sites, other cookies might be used by the third party sites.  The site sending the referral traffic is responsible for their own cookies. Such cookies might track your usage on our site, and other sites you might use after leaving our site.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy highlights Intertek Laboratories Limited’s (Intertek) policies and practices regarding the data collected by Intertek through its online portal (the website).  For clarification purposes this policy is only valid for information collected through the website and is completely independent of any offline collection of data.

“Personal data” refers to any data collected that is identifiable such as, but not limited to,  email address, name, telephone number and address.

Scope of Processing

Intertek will process the data for the following reasons:

  1. To be able to reply to any queries and requests made through the website.  This might require sharing of information with third parties or suppliers who assist us with offering our services.  These might include, but is not limited to, suppliers and subcontractors
  2. For internal analysis of our work practices, performance or other internal work performance related studies.
  3. To improve our services
  4. For direct marketing in order to inform you of products or services offered by us or our affiliates, agents, or other third parties associated with Intertek.
  5. To safeguard our legal rights

Please note that your data may be transferred to and stored in locations outside the European Economic Area (EEA), including countries that may not have the same level of protection for personal data.   When we do this we will do our utmost to ensure that an appropriate level of protection is offered. We may need to transfer your data in order to carry out a contract with you or to offer more detailed answers to your queries, or in any other such way to offer you a better service..

Anonymous data

Intertek through its website might collect anonymous data that helps us improve our services, both online or offline.  This might include technology that collects data about how many visitors we had on our website, date and time of their stay, number of page views, and other such data that does not identify you personally.

This data might be collected via Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel or other such software..  

Changes to this policy

Intertek constantly updates its website and functionality.  These ongoing changes might require changes to data being collected.  Any such changes will be reflected on this page. This policy was last updated on the 15th of September 2018.

Data Retention

We will only retain the data for as long as it is required to offer you our service or until you require us to delete your data.  We may be required to store specific data due to legal or regulatory requirements. Such data will not be deleted even if requested.

Data Security

Although Intertek uses reasonable measures to protect your information please advise us immediately should you suspect any breach of security.

Access to your data

Should you require to know what type of data we have about you please send us a request in writing.