Business Continuity Consultants

Prevention is better than cure. Although hardware reliability is continuously improving, we cannot always predict hardware failure or a force majeure situation. Theft, fire, hardware failure and other unforeseen circumstances are extremely difficult to predict and may be beyond anyone’s control. Business Continuity Consultants can help you plan ahead to minimise the risks of this disaster situations. They can also assist by creating effective disaster recovery strategies.

InterTek Labs Malta have a long history of acting as business continuity consultants. Our understanding of organisations help is in providing effective solutions. These soltuions are mostly aimed at minimising the risk of downtime and data loss. These two are the biggest issues faced by an organisation in case of an IT System disaster situation.

Business Continuity Strategy

It is more cost effective to invest time and money into the necessary resources, to build a Business Continuity strategy, to avoid such situations. Organisations need to quantify two important factors – the value of their mission critical data and the cost of being unable to operate. This will help determine a reasonable budget for such a project.

“If we lose our data, how do we serve our customers tomorrow?”
“Can we can afford to have employees being unable to perform their daily activities?”

Risks of not planning for Disaster Situations

In case of a disaster, failing to acknowledge these concerns from beforehand will result into extreme reactive expenditure. A proactive approach towards designing an effective disaster recovery plan has become a crucial requirement in any company’s IT strategy.

InterTek Labs Malta have a vast experience in assisting companies build a Business Continuity strategy, which will assist the organisation in disaster recovery situations.