Systems Migration

Upgrading your hardware or software systems is a regular requirement to guarantee the efficiency of your IT System. Constant roll outs of software, operating system updates, and aging or outdated hardware, are some of the issues faced by any organisation. System migration can strain your resources.

These hardware and software upgrades can run into the thousands of euros. Although most organisations tend to invest these large amounts of money in upgrading their IT Systems, they do not have the right people or resources to make sure this migration runs smoothly.

As with all IT and organisational strategy, planning is key.

Technical Expertise

We at InterTek Labs Malta, offer our technical expertise and know how to assist in migrating your legacy systems. We involve ourselves early in a migration project, in order to perform the required preparatory work and research. This preparatory work avoids needless issues at a later stage which can cost a lot of money, both directly such as by not choosing the right solutions, and indirectly such as loss of data during migration.

The InterTek IT expert, will guide you through every step of the migration process, from choosing the right solution, both in terms of budget, and requirements, thus managing your costs, to offering consultancy on how to minimise risks and reduce IT System downtime.