Cloud Services

Cloud Services are central to a modern day business operation.

Cloud computing provide access to a number of virtual resources over the Internet. Users can have secure access to data, information and applications, stored remotely on a server, through an Internet enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

By utilising a browser, mobile app or other software packages, you and your human resources will have access to information and data as and when required.

This access is completely secure, and access can be customised to allow access to different resources to different people or groups. Cloud services also give you and managment easy access to real time information on the go.

Scalable and Easy Access

Cloud services are renowned not only for creating easier access to information, but also for offering unrivalled scalability, and huge cost reductions in power consumption (reduced electricity bills), but also for reducing internal IT costs, since  all management, administration and maintenance of the server(s), including physical security (fire prevention, air conditioning, server space etc), backups and software based security (such as antivirus and firewall)

Equally important is the flexibility and access to information offered by cloud based services. You will only pay for what you are utilising.

Utilization of Cloud services require careful planning and strategy. InterTek Labs Malta can assist you with choosing and implementing the right solution, which will help you optimise your operations, whilst reducing your costs.