Data Centres

Data and information are central to any business operation.  From contacting your clients, to analysis of data for organisational strategy purposes, access and proper management of data and information is critical for your business. Data Centres provide a centralised repository for storage and management of data and information.
Data Centres are designed to transfer the core and business-critical infrastructure within a more secure, centralised and manageable environment.

Benefits of Data Centres

– Regulated and redundant power

– Physical and network security

– 24/7 ease of remote monitoring

– Technology upscale/downscale flexibility

– Improved space utilization

– Centralized resources

– Energy management

– Facilitates virtualization

– Reduced risk of human error catastrophes

– Improved reliability

The importance of having data stored securely

In view of Data Protection Laws, with the possible grave financial, legal and reputation repercussions of breach of personal data owned by your company, having data stored in one central place can facilitate control of access to the data and information.


 InterTek Labs Malta offers a wealth of experience in design, planning, deployment and maintenance of network infrastructure services. We offer data centre solutions through renowned brands such as CONTEG, who we represent in Malta.

In order to give the designer of the facility the greatest freedom, CONTEG has developed a comprehensive range of products and technologies including racks, cooling units, intelligent power and complementary accessories. CONTEG’s range of high quality racks, frames and cable management products help to ensure that your equipment remains in a stable operating environment and your network cabling is adequately supported.

CONTEG works with industry leading companies and combine best practices with high quality infrastructure products to give you choice and flexibility for your facility design and cooling strategy. By adopting a modular approach we ensure that regardless of whether you choose full CONTEG deployment or just one part of our system, the flexibility and quality remains constant.