Disaster Recovery Strategy

Although an organisation might take all possible precautions to protect their data, there are certain disaster cases where access to data is lost.  By having a preplanned course of action in the form of a Disaster Recovery Strategy, which will be called to action in case of disasters, an organisation will minimise the affect on its operations of such a disaster.  

What can cause a disaster?

We at InterTek Labs Malta, always preach that prevention is better than cure.

Although hardware reliability is continuously improving, it is a fact that unpredictable hardware failures, and other force majeures, such as fire or theft, situations do happen.  

Why do I need a Disaster Recovery Strategy?

We can help you create an effective disaster recovery plan.  Our disaster recovery strategies aim at reducing these risks, through analysis of the current scenario and suggestions of how to best invest in order to minimise as much as possible disasters from happening, but more importantly it will address the two most important factors when data disasters occur:

  • Downtime.  The amount of time your system, and business will be out of action following a disaster
  • Data Loss.  How can you minimise data loss, and how to function after data loss due to a disaster.

An investment that will pay if needed

If you look at how much the value of the mission critical data is worth to your company, paired with the cost of not being able to operate after disaster strikes, you will realise that the cost of a proper and strategically implemented disaster recovery plan is much lower than the cost of data loss.  It will also help you calculate a reasonable budget for a disaster recovery strategy plan.

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