Email Solutions

Email has revolutionised the way we communicate and do business.  We at InterTek Labs Malta offer a diversified range of licensed and open-source email solutions for your business.  These include worldwide market leaders such as Microsoft, with their Microsoft Exchange Server and Lotus Domino.  

We also offer cloud based email solutions that are becoming more common as they offer higher flexibility and scalability, and they are lower in ongoing costs.

Why choose InterTek Labs for your Email Solution?

InterTek Labs Malta has been offering email services for over twenty years.  We have provided a large number of our customers with effective email solutions that have helped them enhance their business performance by improving accessibility to communications, and thus improving efficiency.

This experience, ongoing training of our Human Resources to keep them abreast of evolving technologies, and strong partnerships with our suppliers, guarantee that we can give you the best solution for your business requirements.

We offer a host of Email solutions and services.  These include:

– Migration of emails

– Clustering of emails

– Deployment and Configuration of email solutions

– Training on how to best utilise email for business

– Maintenance of your email