firewall malta

Firewalls provide protection of a private network from other networks. InterTek Labs Malta offers various Firewall Solutions.

Types of firewall

There are mainly two types of firewalls:

Hardware Firewalls

As the name implies, these are pieces of hardware that are connected at the entrance (and exit) point of a network. These filter out undesired content from your network, by analysing the packets of information and by comparing them to certain preset rules, decides whether to allow the information through or not.
Hardware Firewalls are nowadays being packaged with broadband routers, although standalone types are recommended as they offer higher customisability.


Software Firewalls are software packages that are installed on one’s computer, and can be customised to filter out data, by using certain pre set rules.

We offer both types of firewall solutions.

Aims of a Firewall

The main goal of a Firewall is to prevent unauthorized access to a company’s private data resources and to control what outside resources its own users have access to. A properly configured firewall, be it hardware or software, removes the risk and opportunity for remote misuse and sabotage of your IT system. Nowadays, having a software or hardware firewall is a crucial requirement for any IT infrastructure.

We currently supply, configure and maintain a range of both software and hardware firewalls.