Mobility Solutions

Advancement in communication technologies has revolutionised the way we do business.  Do to the rise of the Global Village, where physical distances have become obsolete, immediacy and access to communication with your suppliers and client, and employees has become central to any successful business operation.


Our Mobility Solutions

Remote office support

The ability to quickly and seamlessly support small remote locations enables your business to rapidly deploy people where they are most needed.  This requires the ability to rapidly provision a complete suite of IT services to support these people.


Teleworking is increasingly enabling businesses to retain the services of key personnel by enabling them to work from home. Implementing such teleworking solutions is becoming more widespread, as it offers flexibility to employees to offer their services from a remote location.  This kind of mobility offered by teleworking, helps organisations, from all industries and size keep utilising their best human resources, even when they cannot be present at the place of work (as in the case of pregnancy for example). LAN and WAN communication technologies, including mobile data communication solutions such as WIFI and 3G/4G networks have increased the accessibility, and reduced the costs of communications considerably including;  telephony (land and mobile), email, teleconferencing and server access from remote locations.

Teleworking helps reduce office costs as human resources can work from home, thus reducing office size, and utility cost.  Your employees will also be able to work in a more flexible fashion, as they will be not constricted by office hours.

InterTek labs Malta can assist with offering teleworking solutions and strategies to your staff.

On the move

Due to the growth of global trade, communication with suppliers and clients, can be held at anytime during the day or night in view of time differences between the various regions and countries.

Thus it is becoming increasingly important that your workforce has access to key data and systems while on the move.  Access to organisational information and data, instantly and from remote locations, is central to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage.  Access to e-mail, schedules (calendars), contacts, CRM systems & other business critical resources, from a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops & netbooks is central to any successful business operation..

Extensive knowledge

In addition to using a broad range of mobility solutions to support our own workforce, we at  InterTek Laboratories Malta, have been actively involved in implementing mobile and remote solutions for our customers since we commenced operations, over 20 years ago.  Thus, we have extensive knowledge of a broad range of mobile oriented products and services, having successfully deployed numerous solutions ranging from simple mobile e-mail to complete remote/mobile offices.