Virtualization Solutions

InterTek Labs Malta offers virtualization solutions for your business.

Advantages of Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization solutions are scalable, efficient and cost effective.  By utilising one or various servers, both local or cloud based, your data, mail, applications and other ICT functions can be operated through one central location, allowing your business to operate parallel operating systems, through the utilisation of Virtual machines.  This will reduce your ICT overheads considerably, since you will not need to run separate machines for the different operating systems.

By utilising a Virtual Machine you will be able to run different operating  systems, such as Windows and linux on the same machine or server.

Apart from offering scalability, where you can adapt according to your requirements, virtualisation solutions are cost effective, since by running various OS on one machine, as compared to the traditional one machine per operating system, as follows:

  • Reduce Utility Bills.  By running one server you will lower your electricity consumption, not only directly, through not having multiple machines, but also  indirectly, through the considerable reduction in heat generated by multiple servers, thus reducing your cooling (air conditioning) costs.
  • Space.  Since all your systems will be running only one or less machines your server space allocation can be reduced considerably.
  • The Virtualization solution can also be run through Cloud Services also offered by InterTek Labs Malta.