Communication is vital for your business.At InterTek we not only employ experts in the field, but represent the leaders in Networking Technologies.


In today’s work and home environment, networks are essential.  Be it sending an email, researching information, accessing a website, and other such daily routines, would not be possible without access to a network.

A computer network is a telecommunications allows the exchange of data between computers, and other devices such as a mobile phone.  There are various types of networks, however the method of communication can either be cabled or wireless.

A network has a passive and an active segment. The active segment of the network infrastructure consists of the framework responsible for providing connectivity through networking devices such as switches, routers, firewalls etc.. The passive segment consists of the physical cabling and related equipment such as copper and/or fibre optic cable, patch panels, wall ports, ducting, cable trays and, rack cabinets & related cooling solutions etc.

 Our NETWORK experience

Intertek Labs has a wide portfolio of network installation projects under its belt.  From small projects, to large multi location projects, we have handled network porjects successfully.

Having a partner with a proven know how in the design and installation of networks, such as Intertek Labs Malta, will help you choose the right solution for your network, which will provide a long term flexible solution for your network.  This will reduce issues and costs in the future, as you will have selected the right partner, who has wide experience in this field.

We can offer the following work: design of the network,  supply of equipment, installation of network, project management.  The work can either be taken as a whole project, ie from design to implementation, or Intertek can be contracted to oversee the work.