Network Racks and Cabinets

network racks and cabinets

Network racks and cabinets are the central point of a network infrastructure, housing securely network hardware, be it data, telephony or other.

Network Rack

A network rack is a metal chassis frame that holds, organises and protects various network and hardware devices.  In the case of a network rack, the rack is used to house network hardware such as routers, switches and modems.  Any cabling is then plugged into the hardware in the router, providing a centralised point of access for the network.

The network rack provides a secure system, by providing anchoring for hardware using metal brackets or bolts, that provide a strong base for the hardware.  This gives greater protection to expensive hardware, by providing a safe housing.

Network Cabinets

Network Cabinets, are another way of referring to network racks.  However these are some times to diversified by whether the rack is full height and enclosed.