Wifi technology allows data and information to be transmitted over a Wireless network (WLAN).  

InterTek Labs Malta delivers secure, reliable, flexible, wireless network solutions. All our wireless network solutions are analyzed, designed, configured and security tested to meet your requirements.


Flexibility of WiFi

Wireless networking (WIFI) is extremely flexible and can be implemented virtually anywhere. This allows workers to roam throughout a building or campus, without the constraints of being hard-wired into the network infrastructure. Wireless networks can also be deployed and expanded with relative ease. The mobility offered by a WiFi based network can bring significant productivity gains to the organization.


One of the major concerns of Wireless networks has always been security. Developments in security protocols have greatly reduced security issue on wireless networks. WiFi networks have become very popular solutions within public and private locations.


Point-to-Point bridges

Point-to-Point wireless bridges allows users to connect two or more locations together wirelessly, allowing users to share files and data across the network.  Bridging enables communication between two or more Access points, thus allowing for connection between multiple networks.

There are various types of WiFi bridging solutions, some allowing for a single point-to-point connection whilst others support connections to multiple access points.

Uses of Point-to-Point Bridges

Point-to-point bridges have various uses, mainly:

  • Enabling connection between various locations
  • Installing CCTV networks
  • High speed connectivity
  • Connecting locations where wiring is not an option
  • Provide temporary links
  • Recovery links in disaster situations

Advantages of Point-to-Point Bridges

  • Significant lower cost
  • Highly dependable
  • No geographical barriers
  • Quick setup

Our WiFi solutions

At InterTek Labs Malta, we implement wireless solutions using industry standard best practices thus enabling your organisation to fully leverage this exciting wireless technology while still maintaining the security and integrity of your network.

InterTek Labs Malta currently delivers wireless solutions for several companies from different industries, including hospitality, shipping, retail and many other industries.