Blog: Advantages Of Outsourcing Your IT Malta

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Outsourcing of IT Functions has always been a point of discussion in various organisations.  In Malta were most businesses are Small to Medium (SMEs) this discussion takes a more central point.

To start with the fundamental reason small to medium-sized organisations outsource their information needs is so for ease of mind. By getting a company to manage your IT services, you will be covered for any IT issue you might encounter, without having to waste time worrying about it.

Outsourcing IT functions is becoming the norm for various organisations, who are recongnising the importance of this. It is estimated that in Europe and the US, 74 percent of orginasations use some kind of outsourced IT, up by 25 percent from 2009.

What are the advanatges of outsourcing your IT?

Control IT Expenses  

Outsourcing your IT function changes a fixed recurrent cost into a variable cost.  You only pay for the work you need.

Reduce Work Expenses  

Contracting and setting up an IT staff can be outstandingly expensive.  Whilst outsourcing your It function might be more expensive if you had to look at it from a purely hourly rate, in reality because you are not paying for time you do not use, and other benefits like vacation and sick leave your cost ends up being much lower. Outsourcing allows you to focus your HR where you require them most.

Qualified does not equal experienced

All employers have been there.  They employ someone who is extremely qualified, paying high wages based on qualification, but after some time they realise that the qualified person is not performing as much as they would like them.
A company who offers Managed IT services has a portfolio of clients with which they have worked, which makes your decision based on experience and know how rather than going blindly when employing a qualified person.

Additional Effectiveness and Intensity

Organisations who decide to run IT projects themselves tend to lose focus and thus any project ends up being more expensive.  When someone is employed by a company they tend to be more at ease with their work, whilst also easily swayed by internal politics.
A managed IT services company has to constantly prove themselves, by offering the best service.

Quickly adopt New Technology

A quality outsourced IT company will have the resources to start new projects within a short period of time.  They also have the right personnel for all work requirements.  For an organisation to get at full speed within a project there will be a lot of time wasting and delays.  Firstly they have to plan, employ new staff, train and then maybe start the execution of the project.  This can take months.

Stay focused on your core business

Companies, especially SMEs have limited resources, both financial and human.  In smaller companies the business owner tends to perform a number of jobs, such as manage hr, marketing, sales and book keeping to mention a few.  Since IT is becoming more and more important for any organisation, the business owner tends to deal with basic IT problems as well.  Since they are not experienced enough, issues take longer to solve than they should, thus end up wasting precious time which could easily be used in more important business critical jobs.
Apart from this if an IT person is employed they will end up using a financial resource which could be utilised otherwise.

Evening the playing ground

Most SMEs cannot afford to pay for a team of IT professionals.  Although many business owners believe that their It person understands everything, the subject is so vast that no persons an expert in all fields.  From software to hardware, to web development to database development, the skill sets required for each job is totally different.

A company that offers Managed IT services has expert resources in each field.  This by outsourcing your IT you would be getting a number of experts and professionals in each field, at one rate.

Contact IntertekLabs today to see how you can benefit from outsourcing your IT.