Blog: Building your own datacenter

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A data center is a specialized environment that maintains the integrity of your company’s intellectual property and protects critical infrastructure. The data center can host your website, route emails, analyze big data, process transactions, and secure financial records. Thus, the data center is central to any large enterprise.

As you grow your business, the demand for efficient communication, storage needs, research, and forecasting will grow. Thus, be ready for the day you are going to build the data center. Owning your facility promotes security and minimizes downtime. Other benefits include:

  • The center handles the company’s critical information, and any breach can lead to severe losses. You can build more confidence by having employees you trust to take care of the data.
  • Gaining an understanding of how the server functions can help promote better data practices and maintenance. Thus, train and let your employees support it.
  • If you own the data center, you will have a personal stake thus you have the extra motivation to make sure the center runs correctly.

For companies with a short-term need for servers, outsourcing offers numerous advantages.  However if you want to develop your own datacenter, here are some hints.

Make it Robust

The data center has to be dependable and resilient because it plays a significant role in the organization. It should remain running despite any catastrophe. Making the data robust involves providing an alternative source of electricity in case of a power outage.

Also, it should have spare network devices to guard against component failures. Cables should not run in one circuit since a single malfunction could lead to the center going offline.


It involves having a well-sectioned data center with a simple master plan. The infrastructure should make the room accessible and scalable. Modularity also involves creating a uniform layout with interchangeable segments.

A modular design promotes proper cooling and ease of transfer of equipment from one section to another. Having extra electrical sockets and cabinets throughout the room promotes modularity.


As technology progresses infrastructure will likely change, and you may need to keep upgrading infrastructure. Hence the center should be built to promote ease of replacement of components such as routers, servers, and storage media. The room should allow for ease of expansion with increased future demand for space.


At first, your organization can experiment with different models or infrastructure until you create a standard design. Opting for proven plans for a new building is recommended. Tweaks can come later as the employees identify things that need correcting. Avoid complex models to prevent the likelihood of mistakes especially during emergencies.

Good Habits

When building the data center, plan it to encourage appropriate behavior. Ensure that paths are wide for deployment of machines. Install enough telephones in the server room for ease of communication and to minimize cellular interferences have written instructions and guidelines on the walls and even maps. The data center should still offer some level of comfort to its users.   

Building your own data centre might seem like a good idea, and it might end up costing you less in the long run, but the initial investment, both in terms of Human Resources, and financial, are very very high.  Outsourcing is still the best option.

Make sure you outsource to a company that is both reliable and efficient, so that your data is safe.

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