What is Malware?

Computers are a great addition to our lives. They are incredible and make life easy. But as with most things in human history, it can also be a weapon in the hands of some unscrupulous people. There are several ways these people attack our computers and by extension our lives. You’ve probably heard the term […]

WiFi vs Ethernet Network

There is an increasing demand for network connectivity all around us and in the home. We have an increasing number of devices and appliances that now need to be connected to a network in some way. When considering getting network connectivity in the home one challenge that often comes up is to decide whether to […]

What to look for when hiring an IT Outsourcing Company?

Whether you are a startup or a long-established company you might want to investigate the advantages of hiring an IT outsourcing company.  These companies offer Managed It services, that is they manage all your IT requirements. We have discussed the pros and cons of outsourcing your IT (granted it’s mostly pros!), but what decision-making factors […]