Blog: Mac vs PCs (or OSX vs Windows)

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Mac or PC?

If you were to start a discussion about Apple and Microsoft, then be ready for a heated exchange because supporters of Apple will not accept anything negative from the supporters of Microsoft, and vice versa. Earlier in the day when these two were like water and oil, there were Apple programs, and Microsoft programs and the two programs were very different. In the modern day, it’s hard to find an application that only works on one platform because there is always a version that supports the other. For purposes of differentiating we will refer to Apple computers as MAC and Windows computers as PC. So what are the main differences between MAC and PC?

Design of MAC vs. Design of PC

For the bigger part of the last three decades, the design has been a major differentiator between MAC and PC. For MAC, the unconventional focus on design started in the middle 80`s. The CPU and the display units used on MAC were housed in the same unit which reduced the number of cables connections. This helped so much in creating a sleek look on the MAC computers something that was a major decision making factor for the MAC fans.

In the modern day, PC manufacturers are struggling to beat this design, but none has achieved this. Still on design, With PCS they don’t come from a single manufacturer, and there are hundreds of PC designs in the market. This means you can choose the most favorite design. But for MAC, you just have to go with what is in the market because there is only one manufacturer.

Price of MAC vs. PC

The MAC`s are pricey compared to PC`s there are very few MAC models that will sell for less than €1,000 and with the same amount you can purchase dozens of PC`S. This is because Apple has settled on building units that are more high end than what PC`s offer, and still they use expensive components when assembling MAC`s. The value will lie on the consumer needs since for both you will have to pay a license fee for the programs you install on them.

Technical Specifications

Both PC and MAC use the same internal parts comprising of hard drives, the video cards, and memory among others. The difference, however, is the performance of the parts. You will find that MAC`s will outperform the PC because they boast expensive parts with high-quality parts and therefore this is justified by the fact that they perform better. The optical drives and connections on each one of them also differ with MACs offering prettier selection than PCs.

Availability in the Market

If you went shopping for both today, you would realize that PC is more widely available than MAC. This is because Apple will be more selective in the outlets they do business with whereas PC`s are sold in almost all stores.  

OSX vs Windows

Apple develop their operating system and computers themselves.  On the otherhand Windows can be installed on a host of computers from different brands.  This is one of the main reasons why Windows (or as we called them in the past IBM compatible) are lower in price.

There are various pros and cons to both operating systems.  We will delve into this eternal computer war in another article.

The choice is dependant on needs and/or budget.  A wide selection of Pcs is available, whilst Macs are only available in the line defined by Apple.

Intertek can assist you with choosing the right computer for your requirements.


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