Blog: What is a network?

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network is a number of computers or devices that are connected to each other to allow the sharing of information.  Typical uses of networks would be to connection of a number of a computers to a shared printer.  Networks can be either wired or wireless.

One great example of a widely used network is the internet, which allows us to communicate with each other all over the world.  To focus on the example of the internet as an example, the internet allows us to browse for information, communicate via email and even send messages from phone to phone via messaging systems.

However networks are also widely used in the modern home, where all systems are connected to the internet via a router, or various routers.  This allows users to surf the internet, send emails, watch videos and play games.  Modern appliances are also controllable via networks.

home network malta

Examples of network devices

  • Computers
  • Devices such as printers and scanners
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Firewalls
  • Bridges
  • Smartphones
  • Webcams

Network topologies

Network topology helps us understand the relationship of connected devices in terms of a geometric diagram.  The connected devices are normally shown as an image and the network connections are designed as lines leading from one device to a connected device.  It can also show order and hierarchy of the connected devices.

There are various types of topologies.  These include:

  • Bus topology
  • Mesh topology
  • Ring topology
  • Star topology
  • Tree topology
  • Hybrid toplogy

Most home and office networks are normally setup in a tree topology structure.  However, corporate and office networks might also include star topologies.


Choosing the right network, and hardware required for your office and home is vital to avoid issues and costs in the long term.  Intertek Labs have the experience and know how to assist you with choosing the right solution.