Antivirus & Remote Monitoring

Protection against viruses and malware is essential in any home or business.

The importance of antivirus software and remote monitoring for network devices in a business cannot be overstated. Antivirus solutions play a critical role in safeguarding a company’s digital assets by detecting, preventing, and removing malicious software that could compromise data security. 

Simultaneously, remote monitoring of network devices ensures continuous surveillance of the IT infrastructure, allowing for real-time identification of potential issues, performance bottlenecks, or security breaches. Proactive monitoring enables swift response to emerging issues, minimising downtime and preventing potential data loss or service disruptions. 

Intertek Labs uses a diverse number of tools, solutions and systems to assist you with keeping your business, network, data and devices safe from all the nasty threats that may prevent you from conducting your operations.

Our team, apart from continuously monitoring your devices for threats related to software viruses and malware, can even monitor the state of your hardware.  This proactive approach will help your business maintain operational continuity, protect sensitive information, and fortify your infrastructure’s resilience against cyber threats.

LEt us take care of viruses and malware.

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