VOIP & Telephony Systems

Reduce costs and boost your productivity with our VOIP Solutions

Intertek Labs offers Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions, delivering voice and multimedia communications over your network and over the Internet. The main advantages of using VoIP systems are cost effectiveness and flexibility (scalability).

At Intertek, we can offer PBX systems, based on VoIP, that apart from being flexible and scalable, also requires a low initial investment.

Our IT systems and networking expertise uniquely enables us to deliver VoIP solutions that enhance your business’ productivity and contribute to reducing your communications costs.

Partnering with the best VoIP solution provider enables us to offer your business the best solution, tailored to your business needs.

Key benefits of investing in a VoIP system, assisted by Intertek, include:

  • Providing your business with the ability and flexibility of extending your communication over WIFI and 3G/4G, thus extending your business to virtually everywhere.
  • VoIP systems are inherently scalable. By being scalable they can grow with your business, that is, you will not have to invest in a new communication or PABX system once your business grows.
  • Feature rich. The feature sets are not dependent on the size of the system, thus a small 5 user system can enjoy the same functionality as larger sophisticated systems.
  • Utilise existing data networks for telephony infrastructure, hence removing the investment expenditure to implement a new telephony network
  • Complete interface administration (facilities such as extensions management, reporting and call forwarding)
  • Improved mobility and reduction of unattended calls
  • Better customer service

Discover the flexibility and cost effectiveness of VOIP

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