Network Diagnostics and Certification

Certifying your network cabling is crucial for ensuring the reliability and performance of your network infrastructure.

Certification involves a comprehensive testing process that verifies the compliance of the cabling system with industry standards. By obtaining certification, you gain confidence in the integrity of your network, minimising the risk of connectivity issues, data transmission errors, and downtime. Additionally, certification provides documentation of the cabling system’s quality, proving beneficial for compliance with regulations and standards.

Apart from testing and certifying all networks implemented by Intertek, we can also test, rectify and certify any network that was installed by third parties. We only use high quality industrial ethernet tools and networking testers to test your structured cabling infrastructure.

Our equipment is sent for testing and calibration every year to ensure that we can provide our clients with accurate measurements.

Gain confidence in the integrity of your network

We can test, rectify and certify networks that we built but also ones built by third parties. Click here to get in touch or fill out the form on this page to learn more.