Disaster Recovery Planning

Although preventative measures and precautions can be taken to mitigate certain risks, nothing is infallible.

In this digital age, businesses are relying more than ever on technology for their daily operations. Storage is becoming extremely affordable and available, making it a vital element of a company’s operation. As a result, companies create large volumes of data, which create a crucial element of dependency for any company.

Although preventative measures and precautions can be taken to mitigate certain risks, nothing is infallible. A lot can go wrong when we least expect it to. It is difficult to predict when and if a crisis will occur and to what extent your organisation will be affected by it. Even a brief interruption can have substantial financial and operational repercussions. The impact is magnified if your business does not have an IT Disaster Recovery Plan (IT DRP) in place.

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Intertek can help your business choose the best and most flexible and feasible solution to facilitate Disaster Recovery Planning. Anything from on-site virtualized environments, allowing systems recovery within minutes, to Cloud hosted disaster recovery sites are all possible solutions that we offer when designing a DRP.

We can initially help protect your business by designing and implementing an efficient and resilient IT infrastructure. Our strategy aims at minimising risk by planning what should be done before, during and after a potential data disaster. By identifying points of failure, we ensure a smooth and quick recovery while your business continues to operate.


System Failure

Cloud outage, hardware or software failure, file or database corruption.

Natural Disaster

Extreme weather can result in power outages, flooding, fire or building collapse.

Human Error

Data loss, user mistakes

Crime / Cybercrime

Viruses, Malware, cyber-attacks and ransomware or hardware theft.

Why does your business need a plan for disaster recovery?

  • To minimise operational downtime
  • To reduce the extent of damage and disruption
  • To minimise the financial impact of the disaster
  • To proactively establish alternative means of operation
  • To train and prepare key personnel with a proper plan of action
  • To implement a smooth and speedy recovery

How can we help?

We are an extremely dynamic and adaptable team, and we offer a flexible range of IT Support packages. We also design tailor-made Service Level Agreements depending on the size, nature, and IT operational requirements of your business.

For after-hours and emergencies, we offer an on-call system for evenings, weekends and public holidays to provide continuous coverage for urgent support issues. It is our goal to be highly responsive, committed to excellence and to help modernise your IT infrastructure.

A disaster recovery plan is only useful before disaster strikes

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