Managed IT Services

Why should you go for a Managed It Service?

IT and ICT help organisations become more efficient in their operations, and communications with all stakeholders. An IT System is central to any business operation. Systems need to be efficient and reliable  

We at InterTek, offer Managed IT Systems services.  The aim of this service is to achieve maximum uptime, optimal it system performance, and for you to get the best Return on investment (ROI) from your investment in your IT infrasturcture.

An effective, well managed and efficient IT System, needs to be based on the specific organisational requirements.   At all stages it is vital that all segments of your business are analysed.  At InterTek Labs, we believe that we should apply our knowledge, to your requirements, and not vice versa, ie we expect your know how to be adapted to fit our systems.

IT Partners

We believe that a correct approach to Managing IT Systems involves the input from management, who know their operations, business goals and human resources.  It is with this information in hand our technical know how is applied, in order to offer an IT Consultancy, that will give you a ystem that works for you, all within agreed budgets and that is customised to your operational requirements.

By outsourcing your IT Management to InterTek Labs, you will not only have an established and reputable name in the IT Services industry,  but will also be freeing your human resources to focus on your core business needs.

Outsourcing also assures that you will have continuity of services, as we make sure that the agreed services terms are covered.


Project Managers

When dealing with complex or out of the mill of the day IT projects, such as the installation of a new system, or the setup of a network infrastructure, companies might decide to outsource the project.  This might be due to lack of internal expertise in the particluar field, lack of enough staff or other strategic reasons, for which the managment decides to outsource.

Similarly, it might be decided at managment level to outsoucre specifc or specialised jobs  on an ongoign basis.

Intertek Labs offers this service, which will allow your key IT personnel to focus on their core work.

Our Managed IT Services include:

– Implementation of Standards & Procedures

– Development of IT Policies & Ensuring of Compliance

– Performance Monitoring and Optimization

– Patch and Update Management

– System Roll outs & Upgrades

– Backup Systems Monitoring and Testing

– Security and Vulnerability Monitoring

– License Compliance

– IT Strategy Planning

– Business Continuity Planning & Testing of Disaster Recovery Procedures

– Documentation