Managed IT Services

Move away from the break and fix IT Support, and transition to a comprehensive Proactive Moitoring, Maintenance & Management.

As a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), we move away from the traditional break-and-fix model of IT Support, and provide a comprehensive approach towards Management, Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance of your entire IT infrastructure. 

IT is a crucial part of any business, and over the years, managing business IT systems and requirements has grown more complex and challenging. 

As a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), we work with several types of companies, cross various industries and business verticals. Each of our customers have their unique IT and operational requirements, and different IT budget requirements. We craft a suitable IT plan and budget for each customer, to help them deliver the best value and strategically select their services and products.

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Why should I partner with a Managed IT Services Provider?

Working with an MSP, you will not have to worry about your internal IT requirements. It is our job to facilitate, and take ownership of your day-to-day IT operations, projects, and business requirements, while you focus on taking your business to the next level. We focus our efforts on analysing your current business processes and practices and identifying and highlighting bottlenecks and potential areas of improvement. In turn, we then present a proposal with suitable recommendations and options. 

Benefits to partnering with a Managed IT Services Provider

Working with an MSP is a great arrangement for many businesses, and we believe that it is mutually beneficial for several key reasons. Our experience as an MSP has demonstrated value and benefits to both the MSP and the customer:

Cost Savings

Control and manage your IT labour costs, by fully or partially outsourcing your IT function, enabling you to be more competitive within your industry

Increased Productivity

Gain access to simple, robust, and scalable solutions to facilitate business operations and deliver improved productivity to your business 

Minimized Downtime

Minimize the risk of downtime and maximize the uptime of your business. We know how costly it is to be out of action, therefore we design a resilient IT infrastructure

High-Level Support

Leverage the benefit of our team of high-level technical support specialists, ready to help, assist and guide you just a phone call away

Security & Compliance

Protect your business, your data, and the devices (laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers) in your workplace by implementing adequate security and compliance measures.

Focus on Core Business

Dedicate your internal resources to focus on your core business value, while we focus on managing, supporting, and maintaining your IT requirements

What can a Managed IT Services Provider offer you?

How can we deliver value to your business?

We provide on-site expert, friendly technical IT services to business and home office users. Our values include explanation, friendly communication, and user training. We offer both remote and on-site assistance and we aim to deliver a fast response time to all our customers.

Our advanced monitoring systems securely monitor all your devices 24 hours a day. We receive automatic alerts informing us of a potential issue to pre-empt the problem and resolve it before it causes downtime and interruptions to your operation.

We also help you organize, configure, update, and secure all your devices. We can also help you securely access your company data from anywhere and lock down devices if misplaced or stolen. It is our job to handle all system, anti-virus and security updates, and we will make sure all your systems are healthy.

We will also inform you (when and if) your workstations or internal equipment, such as servers, might need attention, such as the need to be upgraded or replaced. Our company will also build and maintain detailed documentation and provide access to this knowledge to your company elected IT official. As a policy, we operate with full transparency and we reassure our customers that their IT documentation belongs entirely to them, not to the MSP.

In a situation where all necessary operational requirements are in place, the next step would be to implement effective and reliable backup processes. Data loss is very costly to a business; therefore, we make sure that your sources of data, such as workstations, servers, and cloud services, are backed up on a 24/7 basis.

It is our job to seamlessly integrate all these components and requirements into a centralized channel, to facilitate and manage your entire business’s IT requirements.

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