Backup Management

Data is quite possibly the most important resource for a company.

We understand the importance of data for your organisation, and how the loss of this data can be catastrophic for your organisation. Loss of data can bring a company to a standstill.

We like to focus on the preventive rather than the reactive (or fire fighting) element of IT. It is much more feasible to invest money into designing an effective backup management solution, than to spend considerably more money trying (not necessarily successfully) to recover data after a catastrophe. We offer data protection through quality and trusted storage solutions. It is our goal to never cross the “no amount of money will help” bridge. 

Being unable to access mission critical data is an unacceptable situation for any business. The resources that you commit towards ensuring business continuity are comparable to an  insurance investment. A well prepared and executed backup strategy for securing your data and critical IT assets is what will ensure that your business will be able to take a system outage in its stride. We will assist you to accurately implement an appropriate backup strategy and disaster recovery plan that ensures your data is protected and accessible. 

What we like to consider when developing a backup plan: 

  • Importance of data
  • Type of information
  • Data change frequency
  • Recovery time needed
  • Equipment to backup
  • People responsible for backups/recovery
  • Schedule
  • Onsite or offsite (or both)

Cloud Backups

Through Cloud Backups data is backed up using cloud computing resources. Also referred to as remote backups, copies of data are stored remotely via the internet. This has various advantages, mainly:

  • Convenience: The data is accessible from anywhere, plus there is no need for physical harddrives, servers etc
  • Safety: Data is stored in highly secure data centres, safe from external threats such as flooding, and security issues.
  • Affordability: In the long run cloud-based solutions are cheaper and more efficient to run.

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