Point-to-Point Wireless Bridges

Robust connection between locations

Point-to-Point wireless bridges connect locations wirelessly, enabling file and data sharing across an extended network. They serve various purposes, including connecting locations where wiring is not feasible, providing temporary links and establishing recovery links in disaster situations.

Our technical team at Intertek have the expertise and experience to set up the most reliable WiFi bridges, only using top brands and the latest technologies.

Our expertise in setting up point-to-point links for different businesses allows us to maximise the use of state-of-the-art wireless technology to design and implement secure and high-performance bridges that enable seamless communication between disparate office locations. Our experience ensures optimal signal strength, minimal interference, and a robust connection, allowing for the swift and secure transfer of data between locations.


Experts in long range wifi bridges

Our technical team have the expertise and experience to set up a highly reliable and efficient WiFi bridges using the top brands and the latest technologies.

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