Blog: How cloud computing is Revolutionising Education

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The advantages of using cloud computing is being recognized by different institutions and business organizations. According to the most recent report, at least 90% of the organizations have some form of cloud computing installed in their system. The average benefits of cloud computing are quite evident; it provides flexibility to the organization by allowing them to customize the application based on their needs, promote collaboration, improve accessibility and reduce the IT and infrastructure expenses. However, cloud computing has also qualities that can revolutionize education.

How Cloud Computing Is Changing the Landscape of Education

Not too long ago, we need to save our file on an external hard drive or a thumb drive if we want to access them to another computer. Cloud computing has lead to a more stable, easy-to-use and safe option that leads to the adoption of this system in the educational institution.

You No Longer Have to Purchase Expensive Textbooks

Textbooks offered by the universities are expensive. In fact, the price of our textbook has surpassed the cost of almost anything related with our education, even our tuition fee. Due to the increasing cost, some students will not invest on the textbooks. Cloud Computing can present an effective solution to this issue. Since the digital contents are much affordable compared to the printed books, all students will have an access to quality education.

Learning Materials Can Be Updated

The issues on expensive textbook may also results to a lot of students using outdated learning materials. The common books for social studies in the K12 are 7-11 years. This means that the maps that are being used in these textbooks are incomplete and inaccurate. Since the schools in the less-affluent areas are experiencing a budget cut, they will not be able to afford the updated textbooks. Cloud-based learning materials can be updated easily allowing the students to easily access the latest and accurate information.

You Don’t Need to Install Costly Hardware

Most cloud-based program can be accessed using your computer browser. There are also compatible apps that you can install on your mobile devices. This simply means that you no longer have to purchase an expensive computer to access the application. You also do not require an external hard drive since a lot of companies are offering cloud-based storage.

You Don’t Need to Purchase Premium Software

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the Cloud Computing is the SaaS model. You will be able to access programs for free. Some of them have subscription that only comes with a nominal cost. For instance, the student license of the Microsoft Office will cost at around $140, but a monthly subscription will only cost $10. For those who don’t want to pay subscription, Google Docs can be accessed without any charges.

This simply means that cloud computing will not only lead to reduced educational expenses, it also contributes in creating a learning environment where all students have an access to quality learning. Whether you are a parent, teacher or a school administrator, it is time for you to explore the benefits of the cloud computing.

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