Blog: Is it worth outsourcing your IT function?

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It outsourcing to a company that offers managed IT services, is essentially getting an outside company to take care of all your It requirements.  This will greatly reduce your resource load spent on IT to free it to key business requirements.

The idea behind managed It services is that you get the best return on your investment.

When to go for Managed IT Services?

We believe that any small to medium enterprise would benefit from outsourcing their It function, however there are certain scenarios were outsourcing is by far the best option.  these include:

  • A company that requires an exceedingly gifted IT staff, or one that can handle a particular job, but do not need the person full time, or cannot afford to employ the person as a full time employee. 
  • Does not have the financial resources to employ a full time It person
  • Does not have the HR to keep track of the latest technology
  • A company that needs someone to help with the day to day running of their IT function but cannot allocate full time resources
  • A company that feels that it would be better off allocating it’s resources to other function within the company that would be more in line with organisational goals and bottom line.

What IT can be outsourced?

All companies have different It requirements.  These are a number of example of It functions that can be outsources to professionals:

  • PC or Internet-related work, for example,
  • Programming 
  • Remote access
  • Email
  • Security such as, spam, and other online dangers
  • Networking
  • Servers
  • General support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Information and data flow management
  • Data storage
  • Key engineering and resource allocations


Types of IT outsourcing

Typical types of outsourcing functions would be:

Seaward outsourcing

This means outsourcing It related work to countries far away from your home country.  Leading countries offering such services include Chine and India.  Although these tend to be cheaper, there are several issues that arise from such outsourcing.


Nearshore outsourcing

Sending IT-related work to a company in a nation that offers an edge with your own; that is using companies in countries that are better equipped for the job at hand. Luckily Malta is very string both in terms of infrastructure and human resources.


Inland or private outsourcing

Contracting third party professionals to deal with your It requirements.  These can be on a project to project basis, such as installing a new network to ongoing management of the It requirements.

Software as a Service

This is becoming more and more common.  Instead of buying a software out right you pay a yearly fee per user to use a particular software.  These include anything from a wordprocessing program to an accounting package.   The advanatges of this is that you are spreading your cost over a number of years, will always have the latest updated versions, and you will be able to scale up and down the number of users as required.

Advantages of outsourcing your IT

  • It frees up internal resources
  • Access to experts with pro-level learning and expertise
  • Diminished overall cost
  • Access to the latest technology
  • No need to waste time understanding complexities of issues
  • Transfer costs from wages and fixed to a more scalable cost pattern
  • Faster outcome

    Intertek Labs are leaders in the provision of Managed IT services in Malta.